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Welcome to Elm@r - The Electronic Market

Elm@r - the Electronic Market is a reference implementation for the shopinfo.xml standard. This site provides information for online shops which want to support and implement the standard. It also offers an HTML form for creating individual shop files shopinfo.xml.

There are already 4,495 participating shops and about 11,602,698 products in our database. Additional information about this reference implementation and the shopinfo.xml standard can be found in a short description of the project PDF.

RockBottom, Shopwahl, Idealo, PreisRoboter, Preissuche, Auspreiser, Yopi, Shopping.com, Schottenland, Gimahhot, wein.cc, Spielwaren-Online, Shopzilla, findashop, mistershoplister, WillyFogg.com, preisvergleich.org, ShopAuskunft.de, EcoShopper, Preisomat, Wir lieben Shops, Wir lieben Preise, preisuma, Produkt-Suchmaschine.com, choozen, Become Europe belong to the first commercial shopping portals and price comparison service providers that support the shopinfo.xml standard. Other price comparison web sites with shopinfo.xml support lists preisvergleichsservice.de. Online shops can register themselves there or wait until the providers find them in our shop list automatically. Only by providing a shop file a shop commits itself to nothing. If necessary contracts are to be negotiated directly between shops and shopping portals.

Please feel free to send us an email to info@elektronischer-markt.de and to post a message in our discussion forum.

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Motivation and idea

Consumers are looking for online-shops offering the products they want to buy. Conventional search engines are no great help by returning thousands of alleged hits, whereof most of them do not help the customer in finding the corresponding shop.

Customers are in need of a search mechanism capable of finding shops offering the desired products. The required information should be presented as a list of results, so that providers can be chosen by directly evaluating information about prices, shipping costs, availability, methods of payment, and so on.

Online shops profit from this search mechanism by getting access to additional customers. In order to have correct and up to date data about the shop and the offered products, the online shops provide these data. Currently, there is no standardized procedure for exchanging this information resulting in very little cooperation between online shops and product search engines.

We have developed a concept for providing data of online shops for all or specific services. The effort for supplying data is very little and independent from the number of services using the data.

Carriers of online shops can find additional information by selecting shops from the navigation menu. This is where you can find additional information about how to join Elm@r. (Detailed information about the concept is available by choosing technology from the menu.)

In order to demonstrate the power and efficiency of the concept, we have developed this free reference implementation prototype for searching for providers of several products. Main features are the up-to-dateness and correctness of the data provided.

This electronic market is part of a research project of Prof. Dr. Stefan Kuhlins. The project has been sponsored by the "Dieter Schwarz Foundation" as well as by a Karl Steinbuch Scholarship. (See imprint.)


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